What is ECEM?

ECEM is an advertising Traffic Exchange with an earning option. Everyone Can Earn Matrix is here to help you reach real people with your advertising with ads on our site and the Traffic Exchange, plus the addition of matrices so you can earn to further your advertising efforts.

What are your advertising options?

We have several ways to advertise on ECEM. First, we have the Traffic Exchange where you can get your ads seen by real people. Second, we have the website ads. There are Log In, Banner, and Text ads available on site. 

How do i get advertising credits?

You receive some advertising credits just for joining ECEM. You can also purchase any of our Advertising Packs, surf our Traffic Exchange or purchase a position in our Straight Line Matrix. 

What is the policy for withdrawals?

Withdrawals are done once a week, on Fridays. They are not automatic, I have to do them manually. As of this writing, you are required to surf 1000 sites a month in order to receive your withdrawal. Maximum withdrawal is .01btc. minimum withdrawal is .0005btc. Fees are the responsibility of the receiver. You are allowed one withdrawal a week. Withdrawals will be processed on a first come, first served basis and based on availability of funds. As we grow some of these requirements MAY change.


Why have a surf requirement for withdrawals?

ECEM is a Traffic Exchange first and a matrix site second. Therefore, to protect the site from those who just want the money, we have placed this requirement on the withdrawals. We are here for advertising and this ensures that sites are being seen. 

Why set a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit?

We set a maximum and minimun to prevent the greedy from bleeding us dry and therefore not leaving funds for everyone to have a chance to withdraw funds. This site was created for the Advertising, but also so EVERYONE can earn and benefit. I will do my best to ensure that EVERYONE  can earn if they follow the rules. 

How do the matrices work?

The chart for the matrices can be found on the home page near the bottom. It explains each level, how much it costs, what happens when you cycle.

If there are 9 matrices, why are only 2 available for purchase?

Two are only available for purchase so that the lower AND upper levels push people through the 9 matrices. If all were open for purchase, then those that could afford it would purchase the upper levels and not the lower ones. This will stall the lower ones and people will not be pushed through to the upper ones. It also levels the playing field as ALL members must purchase a Pocket Change Level 1 first, then they will be able to purchase a Petty Cash Level 1 or another Pocket Change Level 1. 

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